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Masks are now optional. There is currently no mandate in place for compulsory wearing of masks. Checking in is no longer required.


Our next meeting  will be on Wednesday 13th July 2022.

Our A.G.M. takes place in July when all official positions are declared vacant. Club President Alan Mannings has decided to step down, as has club Treasurer Don Dryden. Club Secretary Frank Holmes has already had to relinquish his position for health reasons, so it looks like a year of change.

When the A.G.M. concludes, our guests will be four members of The Clique who won the Hoadley's Battle Of The Sounds in 1966 here in Perth. Their prize was a trip to Melbourne, the recording and release of a single on the Go label and television appearances. The resulting single, Love Me Girl c/w Stop Look And Listen was a double sided hit in Perth reaching 32 on the local Top 40.

Our August (10th) guest speaker will be veteran Perth disc jockey Steve Gordon, a huge champion of Australian music. 

In September (14th) we will joined by Roger Goring, a drummer originally from the U.K. who has worked on recording sessions over there.


Please note the revised starting time of our meetings, it's now 7:30p.m. rather than 7:45.

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